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Please teach a man to respect me

by carrie
(toronto, ontario)

Please teach a very special man in my life who shattered a broke my heart after 12 yrs,off whom trusted and I loved.

yet still do love, with every fibre off my soul for for 12 yrs, even though he destroyed my heart.

After 12 yrs when I was in a vulnerable state he touched the most sacred place off my frail female body, putting me into a state off shock.

He didnt seem to care how I would be affected psychologically after the fact.

Only to turn cold and icy on towards me afterwards. He stung me in the heart/heart chakra, leaving my heart bleeding, and cut open from heartbreak.

He played with my soul/heart/mind/body, and didnt care how I would be affected psychologically afterwards, nore did he care.

He admit after, he didn't respect my female body, and thought he could get in faster when I was in a frail vulnerable state.

He stung my heart like a wasp in the heart, very deeply after I fuly trusted him with my body and soul, after 12 yrs.

I'm shattered and crushed, devested and bleeding from my heart from what happend. My heart will never fully recover, as i'm in to much shock.

my soul doesnt know what hit it, as he touched the most sacred place off my frail female body.

I felt sharp pains in my heart, everyday and night, and cry every day and night from a bleeding heart, sobbing and crying none stop. My lungs are starting to collapes from shock.

Yes I take medication and relaxers, but that doesnt help, with something so severe as this. Its to overwhelming for any female body, who isnt ready, thats what hurts deeply.

Please teach this man a lesson on how to respect a woman/me, on all levels, and help him with the help off the angels, to teach him, and guide him, with maturity what he did to me.

How he stung me, hurt me psychologically, abused his powers, when I was in a frail state, and didn't have the maturity to control himself, or respect me, when I thought he loved me, after 12 yrs.

He destroyed/shattered and stung me, breaking my heart, to a point off being inhuman. Not to mention that he didnt even appreciate me. That hurt/stung the most.

Please pray he wakes up, and starts to treat me with the fullest respect on all levels.

Please pray he will repay me in more ways then one, for the damage he did to me on a psychological level, and psychical level.

Please pray he will give me at least 7 compliments a day, psychically on all levels my face and body, to make up for the damage.

Please help and guide him to become aware off beautiful things, he never noticed about my psychical appearance before, and compliment me, on them, to help me feel more feminine. After all the damage.

He told me my aura was so grey, that is was to hard to find anything beautiful about my psychical appearance. Yet he says loves me.

Please pray his angels guide him, once/everyday, to find and become aware off 7 littliest things, about my psychical appearance within my face and body, that he finds beautiful and very attractive. I'm just crying in tears.

He drools over other tall blond beautiful woman, but never treats me the same way, I hurt so badly.

Please pray, his angel guides wake him up, and stops hurting me so badly,and stops comparing me with other beautiful woman that walks past him.

pray he finds 7 beautiful features about me that he never noticed before, and starts to appreciate me, like all other beautiful woman he sees. carrie

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