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Please pray that all blocks,obstacles,hindrances to marriage in my life be removed.

...and that the one created for me from the beginning of time may walk into my life.

Praise the Lord Jesus.Alleluia. Please pray that the Almighty God may heal me of all the hurts,wounds and scars caused by Mr.Dsouza's total silence and indifferent behaviour towards me and please pray that the Almighty God may heal Mr.Dsouza of all the hurts,wounds and scars given by me or by anybody and everybody else in various ways that causes Mr.Dsouza to hurt and wound me.Please pray that the Almighty God may take away a heart of stone and give him a heart of flesh and fill his heart with divine Love.Please pray that the Almighty God may heal each and everything that he has caused to take place in my life in these past 8 long years.2years of constant revelations and Mr.Dsouza who was made a reality to me 2 years later,that is 6years ago.It is difficult for me to forget the time I have spent interacting with this guy and more painful because he was revealed to me in a supernatural way by the Almighty God himself.God has confirmed each and revelations.I know that I did nothing without consulting my Saviour and Lord JESUS.I only know one thing that from the moment God revealed him to me and was still talking to me concerning a person like this guy , God filled my heart with divine Love and I loved him without having met him.It was only later as God continued to reveal him to me I asked that God make him a reality and God answered my Prayers.Please pray that the Almighty Gods divine will may be done in my life always.Please pray that if it is Gods will we may start talking to each other or else God may grant me the grace to forget him.I have spent 8 long years praying constantly for him.Please pray that God may always fill my heart with Love towards every person and that no form of evil may ever dwell in my heart no matter what people do to harm me or hurt me.Please pray that the Almighty God may cancel the plans of the enemy totally and completely for my life concerning marriage and every other blessings and establish his great and glorious divine plans and purpose for my life concerning each and everything.I am not talking to Mr.Dsouza for the past one week,not that I am angry with him,but I am feeling bad even to say hello,because it has always been me who has made the move,he used to talk ,but then I used to say something or the other,that is why he does not make the move to even say Hi,moreover I am feeling bad to make the move because I don't want him to say that I a cripple was after him and that I was forcing him to talk to me.It is God who has started it and I want God to visit his life and speak to him concerning me ,if it is Gods holy will.Please pray that the Almighty God may grant me the grace to drink the cup of suffering he puts for my mouth in whatever form in total silence.Please pray that no matter what happens I may never ever turn my back on my God who is everything to me.I just Love JESUS not because of what he has given me or gives me but because of who he is to me,he is my God and my creator and he has the full right to do whatever he pleases with me.Thanks for all the Prayers you have offered up for me.

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