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Please Pray for the United States Elections

by World Blessings

This is a request for prayers that came through the most recent Blessings of the Light message, which I am reprinting here so that those who wish can join us in prayer at this crucial time in history.

Dearest ones, world events will be accelerating and we wish to direct your attention at this crucial time to the United States presidential elections, which need your loving support and prayers. There are new voices being raised of hope, unity and transformation, and there are also continued attempts to derail this process. For those of you who feel called in your heart to offer prayers of light and healing, this will go a long way to supporting the continued expansion of light which is attempting to heal the long entrenched darkness which has covered the spiritual principles which lie at the heart of this nation.

Pray for light to prevail, and for those who embody love, light, truth, and purity of heart to be chosen to guide the country. Pray that all that is not of love, light and goodness be seen in truth for what it is, so that people may no longer be deceived. Pray that the people of this nation, and in all nations, may awaken to love, light and hope; that they may choose truth over falsehood, that they may be inspired, mobilized and activated from deep within their hearts to pursue a path of positive transformation. Pray that this re-awakening of heart and spirit be nourished and supported so that collective energy and intention can grow strong and create real and tangible transformation not only for this one country, but for all nations of the world.

All nations hold a divine plan and a divine blueprint which offers a unique vibration and sacred purpose to the world. For the United States whose purpose is to be One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for All, help is needed now from all her citizens, and from all citizens of the world who feel connected with this divine purpose, to help her to regain her ability to manifest this divine purpose in the world.

Your consciousness, your prayers and your inspired action are needed in the world at this time. Pray to be guided and led to the most perfect expression of your divine service to God. With your help, a new Earth of love, light, and hope will continue to manifest and will one day become a sanctified and holy place for all of life. With all love and blessings, Amen.

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