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Please pray for our baby

Thank you so much!! My husband and I are expecting are first baby. We are so excited!! I opted to have some testing that was non invasive that would rule out my chances of having a Down Syndrome child. During the ultra sound, the doctor found some mild regurgitation with the heartbeat. My ultrasound tests were perfect, however, they did some blood work. I got the results back this week. With the combined blood test, ultrasound numbers, and my age 33 , it increased my risk of having a DS child to 1 in 34. That number scares me. Will you please pray that my ultrasound on April 1 will show no sign of a heart defect and that our baby will a healthy boy or girl. My husband and I have decided to put in God's hands and not do anymore testing.

We feel that everything is going to be just fine and with you and our friends praying for our healthy baby , the Lord is going to take care of us. Also, please pray that my worries and my husbands worries will be taken away so that we can focus on the joy that is ahead of us.

Thank you so much for your kindness


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