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Please pray for my grandfather - URGENT

Can everyone please pray for my grandpa S (my dad's father)? He is having quadruple bypass heart surgery on Wednesday. There is a SUPER long dysfunctional family story attached. I just REALLY am begging everyone to pray for him. Prayer that someone will come along to be able to successfully witness to him so he gets saved.Our family can no longer communicate with him. He won't let us. He doesn't know his own children, grand children, or great grandchildren at all anymore. We need Prayer for his salvation. Prayer for all the family. Especially my dad and his siblings. Prayer for closure for all the family. Prayer for our family to heal. My grandfather has hurt many people. Please. This is SO URGENT! God knows the situation. Please just pray that my grandpa goes to heaven most of all. - Carrie - PS. His surgery is WED 3/30/2011

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