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Please Pray For Me, I Am In Turmoil

by Lee

I ask anyone who reads this to pray on my behalf because I am so upset right now and desperate like never before in my life. I believe in the power of prayer and am praying repeatedly myself. I am far from perfect but I try to be the best person I can be and to live my life in the right way. I am very grateful for what I have and know also I am very lucky.

It feels like my life is falling apart, I got made redundant from my job of 7.5yrs in December. I finally overcame my fears of traveling alone and have just returned from traveling for 5 weeks. Whilst traveling our group faced a traumatic armed car-jacking incident and on the same day I found out that my inspirational grandad back home had died. My grandad was the most committed Christian I have ever known and was always a person I could talk to when I was down, I guess alot of my spiritual\guidance came from him.

Now the biggest and most upsetting thing I can possibly imagine. It looks like my fiance and I are breaking up. Truly the love of my life we have always been so close. Our relationship has always been so special, so different. When we were close nothing else mattered in the world and it made us feel so safe. The one person I love more than anyone in the world, I can not even begin to imagine a life without her. I felt like I could cope with anything when I was with her. I just feel so very sad and my upset is uncontrollable. All I want to do right now is close my eyes and not wake up.

Please pray that things can go back to how they were between me and her. I love her so much truly.

I know gods will is best, I just hope so much that somehow there is a way Cheryl and I can get through this.

Thank you, I will pray for everyone who has posted on here.


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