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Please Heal My Home

by lonelymom

I am asking for you to please pray for my broken home. My life mate of five years left me and my boys six weeks ago after I found he was having an affair. He has since told me he is confused and does not know if leaving was the right choice. He is in shambles making wrong decisons on his children and his job and says every time he asks God to lead him to do right he finds himself lead to me. I pray that God will heal our relationship. And I also pray for this woman who knowingly helped destroy my family. I pray for Gods forgiveness on her and him and that I can forgive what they have done. My finances, my job, my mental state have all crumbled since his leaving and I need to be lifted up. I pray God will move in our lives to bring him home and to make our family whole again. PLease pray for us.

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