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pl pray for my forgery case /mother healing

by mala

praise the lord ,

pl pray to lord with burden for my forgery case with my brother name sanjiv,as after my father death he made my forged power of Attorney and sold all my properties.

MY brother is using all his influence and money power on all the police officers and bureacrats as he ia a son in law of cheif justice .
But my eyes r only looking at my Almighty god who has promised never to fail us.
i beleive gods justice and victory in this case.

i live in canada but i am in INDIA for the last 9 months regarding this case only. The police is not co-operating with my investigation and is favouring sanjiv . The forensic report is also in my favour.
The next court date is 31 march , i know god is doing miracles and wonders in this case .

one day god will show his glory to all the police officers and bereaucrats who r helping sanjiv that his power is above all the power of the kings and kingdom.

some top officer r helping sanjiv in this case and r not letting police do their job.
pl pray that may lord change and transform the heart of these officers, so they can also be saved.
may god open the eyes of all my sisters and bros and bring them out of darkness and save them. i love my family and may god unite my family .

pl continue to keep me in your prayers .
Also pray for my daughter sonali studies as she is doing MBA and is strugling in her studies .may god bless her with favor and wisdom in her exams.
pl pray for my mother health also as she is bed ridden .

Also pray for my apartment to be registered with the city as we have applied for it .

pl pray for my husband's mukesh job also as he has been laid off.
pl pray for financial breakthru in my family.

pastor pl if god gives you any prophectic words pl let me know.

thanks and may god bless you all
in christ

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