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Our Unborn Baby Needs Prayers

by Traci C

Please pray for our unborn baby. I am 8 months pregnant and our baby was given a grim diagnosis. Our baby's kidneys and lungs need to grow healthier and stronger. Our baby is very much wanted and loved. We need all the prayers we can get. Please pray for us! Thank you and God bless!

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Jan 30, 2012
5703804174 my cell NEW
by: jasson carey

i really need help more an more my life is falling apart. ive lost family, i have no true friends, i have nojo im afraid to work around people, i have no real home, i have no real guidence, i ve lost my daught to the system, im taken for child suport an no way to pay it, soon be going to jail for back suport an maybe more, im about to have another baby in nine months, i have depresstion stress dissorder, manic depressant, sleeping disorder, social dissorder, theysay say i have an anger issue but i dont really,im just mad at the world an they its become an the more corupted its getting an theres no control or guidence anywhere for anyone, im angry cuz im haven everything i worked an paid for taken from me, they tellin me how i am when i knw im not, they tellin me i cant have my daughter till i get anger classes an mental help an a job an money to care for my child, but thats too much to ask of me i can just work save an go for state help like mothers do, if mothers can so can fathers, itsssssss tooooooo much my heart feels like its about to exsplode, my girl is gone an going through hell where she is an cant take it, so i have alot of pressure an issues an with my girl depressed omg, i reallyneed help god please good people deserve good things not bad things, babd people get bad things, so y me when im trying to do good the best i can an still have nothing an got ppl down my neck saying im no good.....?????????? PLEASE GOD HELP ME HELP KASANDRA ORTIZ CAREY SOON TO BE MY WIFE MY DAUGHTER SYRENA NEVAEH CAREY AN MY NEW SOON UNBORN CHILD! ILL GIVEMY SOUL MY LIFE TO FINNALLY BE HAPPY AN HAVE A LIFE WITH MY WIFE AN FAMILY!!!!!!! I DONT WANNA BE RICH I JUST WANNA HAVE WHAT I NEED TO GET THROUGH LIFE. THANK YOU!

Dec 02, 2011
we stand on your word Father GOD NEW
by: donna& shiloh brown

In jesus name We come OH LORD, and we thank you for the time this sweet family has enjoyed together. Lord your word says we should all come to you as a child and so now we do....Father this unborn angel is very much loved and adored and willalways be, but lord this lil one is also very needed. Your word says if we love you and give ourselves to you that you will give us the desires of our hearts...the wee one being healthy and a part of this family is the desire of all our hearts. Oh Father we cannot fathom the mysteries of life, but your word is clear...we must surrender our lives to you and trust that whatever the out come is...it will glorify you in some way... Father we thank you for all the doctors and nurses and prayer partners and family who are comforting the family in this stressful time. We thank you for the life of this little angel and we know if if it glorifies your will then she will be healed...we ask for you to have mercy on the babe and her parents and family and send millions of healing and comforting angels to their sides to guide , guard , and comfort them through what eve is your will. We thank you that this life is but a breath to you and oneday we will all be together with you in paridise...may you have mercy on us as you have your way in our lives...amen

Oct 12, 2011
im thankfull for this site
by: martha Anonymous

I'm so bless to have this site god bless all ur hard work n staff in abundant for all ur godly work my son Jesse is in jail I'm standing in faith as a mother love of god that gods wil be done in his life so can u please bring him up in a prayer for safety n gidens n love for Jesus please I thank u n also my whole family I have 4 kids n I love the lord n sites like this one hive me strength n joy to go on thank u please pray for my children that they love god n have a desire only for him cause ones we do that all falls into place thank u so much my prayers r for ur site to get the financial means n wisdom from god tokeep on succeeding as u have much longer amen love n gratitude Martha wright los Angeles ca.

Sep 18, 2011
Healthy and Happy
by: Anonymous

Lord please keep this baby healthy and happy. This baby is a gift from GOD and know its already blessed.

Sep 11, 2011
Prayers for your baby
by: Prashant Solomon

I pray to Almighty God to heal and care for your child. May all weaknesses by strengthened and all deficiency be removed. May your child be born healthy and happy and grow to become a living testament to the love that God has for him/her.

May the love and light of the Lord Jesus Christ heal your child. Have faith in God sister.

God bless you.

Aug 15, 2011
TE bendigo
by: Teresa Ponce

God, Please make thisbaby come to live, I pray for u and all ur family, god will help,,,

Jul 21, 2011
I pray for the Mother and Father tonight
by: David J

Let us pray

Father I call upon you tonight for my sister and brother to be anionted by your blood lord Amen

Sometimes a simple prayer will work for what we consider complex problems.

Always leave it in the hands of Jesus

god bless you and the readers of this page


Jun 06, 2011
Unborn baby needs prayer
by: Anonymous

I would like an update as soon as one is available because we have a number of people praying for this precious child. Still praying!

Jun 05, 2011
Bless this family
by: Anonymous

Sweet Lord Jesus,

You have worked so many miracles. Please Jesus, place your healing hands on this baby. The parent's will love this baby and cherish him or her with love, joy and thanksgiving. Thank you. Amen.

May 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Praying for you

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