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No Longer Myself

by Tracy W.

I know not of what your life entails, but as someone who had a successful past and now have endured a horrific past 5 years, I pray for you to find ACCEPTANCEin who and what you are NOW, today, this week, and in your future.

My suggestion for you is to force yourself (like I have to) each morning to write down each (all) of the following:
*one thing you enjoy.
*one thing you are good at or something you feel is complimentary to yourself, even if someone else has told you about it.
*one reachable goal for only that one day- possibly only taking a shower, or getting out of your pajamas and into clothing, or making dinner, getting out of the house, etc.
*and a person or experience that you appreciate in your current situation.

Its a small step but it helps you focus on NOW, this moment, this chapter in your life, and it allows you to see the acceptable and good things about yourself as you are. It allows for acceptance instead of focusing on the bad.

Much love to you.

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