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New Beginnings

by Naomi

Inner Being

Inner Being

A door is opening in your heart

inviting you to wander

in the pathless land

of freedom.

You have a chance to walk

to run, to fly, where

your heart most

wants to go.

Love swings open the door,

and a thousand voices

cry out that you

dare not go.

Which voice is yours,

one voice alone,

all of them,

or none?

Do you know the sound

of your own soul, or

the sweet scent

of love?

You can fly with the wind

and touch the sky

without angels

or wings.

You can hold a child

next to your heart

and set them

free to be.

When love whispers to your

heart, the door swings

open wide, calling

you inside,

will you



Comments for New Beginnings

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Dec 28, 2008
by: Deb

Dearest Naomi....touched to the core by your sweet message...I say YES to love. In gratitude..to new beginnings.

Apr 29, 2010
by: Danny

Awesome, thank you Naomi

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