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Mystery Pain

You asked for questions, so here is one. I have a mysterious condition around my left breast, underarm, and in what feels like my heart. I have had all checked out medically and nothing was found. I have had it worked on by energy workers and it continues to bother me. I have been working my issues for years. I keep a pretty clean diet, do spiritual practices and exercise. Yet the pain/sensation continues. I have stopped wearing underwire bras and constricting tops. I am an energy healer, have worked on it alone and with help, but it is not going away, it seems. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might work with this and clear it?

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Oct 15, 2008
Unusual body symptoms
by: Mashubi

Hello dearest one,

I understand, I have dealt with similar issues in my own body that have no medical cause. Sometimes these mysterious pains are manifestations of energies we have carried for a long time. In some cases the healing process takes a while, as we are unraveling the root cause, like peeling away the layers of an onion.

In terms of practical things that you can do, the main healing modalities that can help are energy based work. One such modality that I have found very helpful is traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture). I've found the best results in working with practitioners who studied at the Worsley school of acupuncture which focuses more on unraveling the root cause of the issue. The key is to find a healer you resonate with.

Other things that will help are any kinds of cleansing and purification practices you feel guided towards. This can help the cells of the body release older energies. Any kind of spiritual practice like the Practice of Alignment that can help bring the higher vibrations of light into your body will also be helpful.

You may also want to sign up for the mailing list at our new site NewLightBody.org as we will eventually have more resources there specifically for these kinds of issues.

Love and blessings,

Nov 16, 2008
Left Breast
by: Kalina

As soon as I read "left breast" in you comment I felt I needed to share.

I too, I am have a issue with my left breast of late.
Ten years ago I has cancer, and now I am at the same place again, only this time I was like yourself a health minded,raw food,diet,etc, healer, with little stress in my life. Learning to know my God was still primary in my life, so what is going on? I felt the issue went deep, buried emotions from long ago. For me,it was pain, great pain. Saying one wants release from it and it actually happening was a different matter. What seem to be working, is asking forgiving for all those that caused me pain and asking for forgiveness for any pain I caused to others. It comes down to purification. I hope this helps you in some small way to find what is going on with you.
Much love/light to you, my sister....Kalina

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