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My Nightly Song

by Naomi

I love the surprise of how you appear

when I least expect it,

in such a variety of ways and forms.

You illuminate the moments of my days,

opening the eyes of my heart,

bursting across the threshold and through the doors

I once imagined between us.

I feel the movement of the spirit leap within me

in the energy I have come to know as you.

There is nowhere you cannot go,

as the light goes before you and follows after you

casting rays of hope and love upon the longings of my heart.

I hear the sound of wind over water,

the music of a flowing stream,

a tiny wind chime hidden in the trees,

the quickening of my heart when you are near.

Sometimes, you surround me like a drumbeat,

growing louder and stronger,

an open crescendo in a symphony,

and you come crashing through a storm,

sending streaks of lightning through the clouds,

a showering concerto to announce the pounding rain.

The leaves glow like emerald silk from your touch.

You come like a lover dissolving my defenses,

overwhelming my senses,

until I become the storm, because you are in it.

I become the fire, to feel your heat.

I become the flood to know your rising moods.

I sink into silence like the setting sun

and feel the immensity of you in darkness.

I am lost in the magnificence

and found in the tenderness of a touch.

Oh, such a lover you are,

smiling through every face I meet,

hanging sun stars in the trees

along the path where I walk each day,

sprouting violets in the grass,

surrounding me with the fragrance of mint leaves

apple blossoms, and the rich, damp earth

sending me spinning in glory.

I celebrate you every moment that I breathe,

and I sing the song of you to all who will listen.

Oh, I pray that they might awaken

to how very near you are to every heart,

how alive and present in your unending grace and love.

I return it to you in the mirror of my eyes,

in the songs of my heart,

as my whole being flows out to you in spirit,

which you made so like your own,

unhindered and free

to move, to dance, to fly, to be with thee.


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