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My Experience With Depression

by Charlie
(Louisisa U.S.A)

I have been through depression on and off for almost 29 years. My dad was depressed and I remember how sad he would get. He didn't pay much attention to me so i always felt alone. I felt this way as a teen ager too, and escaped into drinking. I tried everything, psychiatrist, medication, exercise, and even st. john's wort. Nothing seems to help. Do you have any suggestions?

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Spiritual roots of depression
by: Mashubi

Dearest Charlie, it may be that the depression you suffer with has roots not only from your family history, but on a spiritual level. We have a section of our site with articles on this here which may be of some assistance. Also, please feel free to participate in our community site at WorldBlessings.net if you feel that this would be a support to you. With much love to you.

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