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Mom and Baby needs prayers

by Trish
(Seabrook, TX)

Mom and baby

Mom and baby

I am asking for prayers for a young lady who has had a difficult life. She has had a drinking and drug problem. She gave birth to a baby girl (Rhianna) on Jan. 25th. CPS took the baby from her because she had drugs in her system. The baby had no drugs in her system. This baby has given her a reason to survive and be a better person. She is going to counseling and AA/NA program. Even though CPS has given her a list to accomplish it doesn't seem like they are going to give her the baby back no matter what. I don't agree with drugs but I don't think anyone is a lost cause and I have been trying to help this young lady out but I am very worried about the comments that CPS has made. Why give a list of things to accomplish if they are going to make sure she never gets her baby. Please pray that she never gives up and wins in the end. It's sad how people just give up on people and throw them away. I doubt God would be happy with that.

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Jul 20, 2011
For the Devil has no hold
by: David J

Praise the Lord as There is a god

Lord I pray with this family and that little baby be given to the family that serves you lord. Families need a blessing and we will see to it tonight lord.

Forgive the mother and praise her for the things she has done for her family Amen

Lets close the book on her life lord and leave it shut Amen
Now we pray that in the name of Jesus our saved sister can open a new chapter with the hand of god guiding her in the name of Jesus

Praise the lord

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