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Marriage Restoration

by JG

Almighty and Mercy full Father In Jesus name Restore my marriage ,Please get my Wife back to Me I need her and I love her, I Pray O Lord to reunite us in Jesus name. My Lord and My God I will always remember your mercy's throughout my life and i will always be thankful to my Lord for restoring my marriage and will praise you till the end of my life .I ask for the forgiveness of our sins, Please have mercy on My family and restore my marriage, I pray for all those people who are influencing my wife to divorce me, God my father change them and forgive them my Lord they don’t know what they are doing. Lord you know my need even much before I ask you ,Lord you know that my wife has filed for divorce and you know that I need her back, Lord I pray to you almighty and most powerful Lord that you can make wonders and you will do any think for the children whom you love ,every thing is possible with you Jesus, I beg for your mercy my Lord change my wife Decision, change her heart ,wash her with you precious blood ,purify her my lord with the power of you precious blood take away all her hearted ,anger, dislikes and misunderstandings and Restore my marriage,my Lord you know me more than anyone else does, Lord I beg for you merc y,look at the pain which iam going through ,hear my cry o Lord and wipe all my tears my lord, Lord My God Fill My wife with your Holy spirit, fill her with the Love of God ,fill her the Glory of God and with power of your holy spirit help her to walk in the right path and fill her with your salvation and make her understand her mistakes and forgive her and give her the gift of repentance, father reunite our hearts and purify us with the holy blood of Jesus .I make this prayer in Jesus name and as per the word of God Matthew 19:4-6 ,Isa 45:2-3,Jer 33:3 and Psalms 23 Amen.

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