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Marriage Reconciliation

by Michael
(Concord, Ca)

I have been praying for months and need the help of others. My wife of 18 years is divorcing me. I love her dearly. We have two beautiful children. I am very hurt and confused by her decision, as I have not cheated, don't drink, do not abuse or neglect any of them. I recently moved out in hopes that it would give her time to think and hopefully want to reconcile, but nothing positive has seem to come of it yet. She thinks I am against her when I am not. She has surrounded herself with "friends" that are all divorced, miserable and have convinced her that she is better off divorcing me. I and our children need help in prayer, Please. I would do anything for this beautiful person, even though she is not who she used to be. I know, that if the darkness was out of her and our lives that we could work through this awful time. Please pray for us, that my wife's heart soften, that we can reconcile and bring our family back together. Thank you and God Bless.

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