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Love is Waiting for You

by Naomi

Oh beautiful one! Do you know

you are cherished and loved,

and you are held in the gaze

of divine eyes

that long to comfort you!

Someone longs to walk with you,

to talk with you, to sit with you

who has a listening heart,

who will hold you when you cry,

and when you are afraid.

You flow from a Life

that formed and created you,

as surely as all creation is given

to you to discover beauty

and the joy of a morning sun.

The bird that sings in

the tree outside your window

sings for you

and for every heart.

Feel the sunlight on your face,

and the breeze moving

through your hair.

All you long for waits

for you to awaken and know

that Love

is the Companion

and Friend you seek.

Listen to your heart,

and feel the Presence

within you that never leaves you,

sees you as you are

and loves you perfectly.

You are Home

when you realize the miraculous

divine truth that

Love is the One looking

from your eyes.

Oh beautiful One!

You are created in the image

of Love, and Love surrounds you,

is within you, goes before you,

and follows after you.

No matter what is happening

in the world, Love is

your Companion and Friend.

Surrender to this truth

and be at Peace.



Painting by Rassouli


“The Guardian”

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