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Love is Singing You As A Song of Love to the World

by Naomi

i sing my songs of Love to God
because God is Love beyond our
wildest imagining.
i cry my tears of Love
because the beauty of God
overwhelms me
i see God in you
because God is everywhere
in everything gazing at us
beholding us
loving us
enjoying us
laughing with us
pleased to have us awakening
and becoming real
in the alchemy of divine Love
God is every sacred book
every sacred song
every beautiful face
every name
God is in every heart
every soul
and every form has been
created by Love
is still creating
always and ever creating
God is the healer the physician
the counselor
the Oneness that we all are
no use to struggle against the force field
of Love
it is impossible to stand against
such a wind
surrender surrender surrender
and become a breeze
it is enough it is enough it is enough
it is enough to be a breath
from the lips of Love
it is enough
it is everything


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