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Lost Love

by j

Dear God,
I want to start off by saying thank you for everything you've done for me...I appreciate everything so much. I am so content with everything in my life except for one thing, and that's love. I had a relationship with a guy a year ago, that ended too soon. It ended because he was no longer sure what he wanted and I was not letting my guard down. In the beginning of our relationship he was so affectionate, but after seeing I wouldn't open up to him he started to give up. We fought a few times, and now we're friends. All I am praying for is a chance to see him. I want to see if we still have the same chemistry, and I just want a second chance to show him the real me. I was too afraid to tell him my real feelings and let him know i love him too. Please God, help me somehow rekindle what we had. I pray that he too hasn't forgotten the love we shared. Thank you I love you ..Amen.

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