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Light Body Experiences of Debbi Brown

by Debbi Brown
(Phoenix, AZ )

Thank you for all your beautiful work. It was an incredible few months of intense physical symptoms. I too have experienced exhaustion, dizziness and sometimes vertigo. I absolutely attribute all this to the evolution of our light body. As we are moving into higher frequencies and the magnetics of the earth have dropped, we are able to dump more from our cells and DNA. I feel that old patterns, disease etc. are leaving. This can be on an ancestral level too. In other words, a virus that your mother had that got passed down to you. So it is clearing work. We should not attach to the symptoms or create a story around it.
We are also adjusting to the earth changes.
I love that ascension is a collective experience and not an individual one. That we are doing this together...
Peace, Love, Light to your journey,
Debbi Brown

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