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Aug 10, 2011
Please pray that I get my children back.
by: Kimberly Allstun

My name is Kimberly Allstun. In September of 2004 God gave me a vision of Jesus dying on the cross, shortly after a Spirit of fire came witin me. I spent many years wondering what was inside me and who was inside me. I somehow forgot about the vison of Jesus dying on the cross. I thought that everyone around me had the Holy Spirit, that everyone around me knew what was going on. I didn't speak about what was inside me much. It was like a secret. Like I was supposed to be quiet or something. For many years I have been trying to figure out what is inside me. I am comming to know God. I have spent the last 8 years in confusion, I have been hurt majorly by others and am praying for healings and victory. My husband left me and the kids in March of 2004. A couple weeks after he left me, he talked me into letting the kids go to his parents house to visit and I was not able to get the kids back, like we agreed. It has been 8 years. I have been wronged and it seems that no one will do anything about it. I have contacted law a few times, lawyers, Division of Family Services. I have no help. I am praying for help in getting my children back. My husband and his fiance do not know the Lord. My children are with people who do not know God. It is very important that the kids know God. I have wrote many letters to my husband, his fiance, my husbands families. Letters of peace. I told them the plan that I have for the children. They still do not send me pictures or let me see the children. I have sent letters to my children telling them all about God. I never get no replies. I have had very harsh crucial words spoken to me by my husband, his fiance and families. I am praying for full recovery from the words that they have spoken to me. My husband took the kids out of state and didnt tell me in order to live with another woman. He now has the children calling the other woman mommy. I claim these children as Gods children. I need prayers. I dont know what enviroment they are in, but I do know that it is not a Christian enviroment. I am very concerned for the children. His sister has told me once that God is not on my side, that was about 4 years ago. I believed that. That affected my walk with God. I feel wronged and I feel like no one will do anything about it. I am just getting to know God. I have thought about getting him for kidnapping but a few cops have told me that it is family law. I am poor. People don't believe me. I feel no one is on my side. I feel God is on my side but somewhat at a distant. Please Pray. Also, my families lie about me, my husband and his fiance lie about me. I am so tired of being lied on. Please pray for me. My dad yells at me, it hurts. Please pray for me. Also, please pray for my mind to recover from my past life, before God and that all will be well.

Dec 12, 2010
by: Kimberly Allstun

Please pray for me alot. I have alot of problems with jealousy, stress, anger, possibly bitterness. I have the Holy Spirit. I am saved. I am getting to know the Lord. I read my bible sometimes. My ex won't let me see the kids. It has been about 6 years. I think about them everyday and I feel hopeless. I feel no lawyer is going to take my case because I have waited so long. I feel that no lawyer or judge will understand me. I wonder if it is Gods will that I see my kids. God promises alot of great things, yet I feel for some reason I am not receiving them and I don't know what to do. I only feel the Holy Spirit sometimes and I know if I felt it all the time that I would feel better. I read in the bible that the Spirit of God is power, love and sound mind. I want to operate in these things. I have the Holy Spirit, I know I do, because I can feel him in my heart and I believe it is what keeps me going to God for the last years. I feel I have Spiritual confusion. The doctors say I am bi polar, but I really think that I am confused about God. My insides doubt, I believe I cut myself down..and It is hard to see the greatness of Gods love. I have had more good times than bad. I know that God has a better life for me. But I wonder, what is holding me back? Why am I not living in his peace and fufillment? Why am I not exsperienceing his love and wonderfullness. I pray alot, I pray everyday. I want to serve God and live for him, yet I am stuck feeling hopeless, confused, fearful, angry. I wonder, have I given my life to the Lord compltely? I search for all the answers in church, on t.v.. on internet..but I have no idea the answers. I have lived this way for about 6 years now. I used drugs in 2004 when I was high on meth, I received a vision of Jesus dying on the cross, out of nowhere, it was so intense I started crying. A few days later or so I received fire and spiritual feelings in my body. I had not heard of these things, I did not know it was God...I have been in a confusion every since. Now, I know that the Spirit is God...Yet, I am so confused. I wonder, how do I get out of this confusion. Why am I under so much confustion..I feel a big breakthrough comming every day like its gonna be here any second.. I really want to know all the truth about God and know him very well so that I can tell others! I want that really bad. I wonder, why don't I have it... I pray so much. I pray so hard. I send prayer request to alot of ministries... I feel like I am going to make a difference in this world, yet there is so much holding me back. I know Gods love can change me. I know having a relationship would change me. I wait for him to come to me and cover me in his love so I can see who he is, so I can trust him and know him. But he has not done this yet. I wonder Can't God do anything? Why hasn't he done this. Do I not have the faith to receive his blessings? Am I not ready to receieve his love yet?

Oct 06, 2010
by: solange

hi kimberly,
i can only tell you that GOD is the only one who can give you what you need as he knows you better,talk to him,ask him,put your trust in him,only him will never deceive you,satan is a liar,he created false needs to make us suffer but GOD,patiently will make the way he is working in a way we cant understand,all we have to do is trust him and obey to his commends,we are the winner in GOD,dont let satan take from you,keep ask and pray,BE BLESSED.

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