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Jesus Help Me

by James L Wallace Jr.
(Crown Point, IN USA)

Oh lord I ask that you help me through my hard times. Since
2004 I feel as if my life is falling apart. Through the death of my
mother and grandfather. The falling apart of my sister me and my
father. Through being homeless and in poverty. Its seems
every time I get a foot hold something else happens to knock me
down. I finally find some security and then I lose my job of over
10 years. I ask not for a financial miracle but ask that you bless me
with financial security, a good job and to find a good home for me
and my family for it is only a matter of time i feel before we are
homeless again. I'm trying lord I am going to school and
increasing my knowledge so I can care for my family. In these hard
times. I also ask Lord that you help bring me and my wife together again Lord for we are drifting apart. Please take care of my grandma help ease her pain from the cancer. Lord a lot of people are in financial trouble and I pray that you
reach out and help everyone in their time of need.

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