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JESUS CHRIST Please now help get me true victory

by Jerry Kenoyer
(Milpitas Ca. USA)

JESUS CHRIST Please now help get me true victory's all with fervent prayer cover THANK YOU AMEN

JESUS CHRIST please forgive me Jerry Kenoyer all sin's now and ever more in all realms human, or spirit all sins wrongs forgive me Jerry Kenoyer ever and actively day's night's every witt and JESUS CHRIST people's to now pray in agree with me Jerry Kenoyer on this very thing,Thank I JESUS CHRIST in all. Blessing's NOW on all real doers I've asked there for I believe for doers AMEN SO BE IT. I'm in need of all body health recreated restore health every witt my whole body in side and outside to to be healed restored whole pray by his stripe's JESUS CHRIST STRIPE'S i'M WHOLE HEALED AFIRM TO YES TO jerrykenoyer@yahoo.com I'M looking to get Grant Money's for snake reptile pet store in Milpitas CA. first full year to $300.000 pray I get this wonderful life long loved business soon and all blessing on it in JESUS CHRIST name AMEN Pray ever for my mother's heart health whole health NOW NOW NOW URGENT it is and my dad's mind to be restored every witt and his whole health please pray through and AFIRM BACK AND MY WHOLE Family's SAVED HEALED BLESSED NOW RIGHT NOW AMEN

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