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Help me to do hardwork till my goal gets on

by KarthikeyanS

I need your help God, I dont need to lie others, fake smile, my palm needs to downside by not taking help from anyone, i will bring my all with my own sincere hardwork. I dont want others money, but i will not give mine, not strictly. But i like to help more and more in giving food, helping with money and all. I will try not to hurt anyone, pls god in any moment pls not let me to do bad things, i'e to not hurt anyone. I want to be good to all most likely. Then most importantly, i need to standup my father and mother head to see all with full of confidence by my hardworking and huge and big goals to win the success in my own business. I will do anything for them, also to my brother and sister and my friends, mostlikely to all. I will not be fake to good person, but i will makeuse of the bad persons. I need to reach you sooner, in completing all my tasks quickly, to make my father and mother moreeeee happy. I will not let anything easily, just like that. i will fight till my goal reached. Now to move forward, i need your help, bcz i will ask any help except you. Then you know all of my health issues, having medicines. Then my elder brother marriage wants to be held very soon, bcz he is now 31.5years age, so u should solve it as quick as possible. Take me anytime, but pls do these for me quickly, iam believing you than anyone else. You will be needed to all, but pls consider me also, Thanks God,

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