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Healing Of Pain Through The Christ Presence

By GurujiMa of Light Omega

Dear Beloved Ones,

The energy and presence of the Christ is stronger on the Earth today. This fact is a universal one, applying to all people, everywhere, and having nothing to do with particular religions. The Christ Presence is not all of what is meant by the Second Coming, but it is part of it. It is the part having to do with Christ wanting to live within you AS YOU.

The new consciousness of the Christ is becoming available to all who seek personal growth and healing and all who desire to live in a state of greater unity and love. It is also available to those who are not seeking in this way. The Christ Presence is offered to all, irrespective of religious orientation or belief, and irrespective of one’s own sense of personal worthiness. The new consciousness of Christ can be felt as a life-force, an energy, a light, that seeks to join with each human being in order to bring them home. Sometimes this takes place with ease; often it takes place with some upheaval as the old person is let go of.

In the most personal and immediate sense, the presence of Christ is working its way into the deeper recesses of people’s hearts, minds, and bodies, and as it does so, it is rooting out old pains and conflicts so that they may be healed. These pains and conflicts may have been buried or been on a low flame for a long time. Yet, in the presence of Christ, they are becoming more conscious.

The point of this unfoldment is not to punish but to restore - to bring each soul into a state of greater wholeness and greater oneness with God. This is the new unfoldment, not of the past but of the present - joining with the Christ, today, through one’s inner being.

If you are in pain, seek to view the increased intensity of your difficulty as corresponding to this purpose. Know that you are being healed from within by the power of the Christ and the light of the Christ. Allow this light to move through you. Do not blame yourself for your pain but give it to God, asking for healing of every part of yourself.

It was said in the past: “Be ye perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect.” This is the purpose of Christ on Earth today – to bring humanity into a state of greater perfection, light, and wholeness so that the human and the Divine can be joined.

May all healing be accomplished by the light of the Christ and the love of the Christ. May all pain be dissolved in this greater light.

With all love and blessings LIGHT OMEGA


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