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healing from broken bones

by k
(castro valley,CA)

me; just thinking

me; just thinking

I am fourteen,my friend and I are on the same softball team and yesterday we had practice. Well I got to practice, and oh her dad is the coach by the way, well anyway her dad still came to practice and we got there about the same time. As I get out of the car I don't see Hanna (my friend) get out of her truck with her dad,so I think" well maybe she is on the field with the other girls already" so I walk to her dads truck and asked him if he wanted some help with the equipment, he says no, so I walk beside him down the stairs to the field. While walking down I don't see Hanna on the field, at that exact moment her dad turns to me and says "did you hear what happen to Hanna?" I start to worry and said "no, what happened?" he sighs and said" she got thrown off her horse yesterday, we think she broke her clavicle(the bone next to your neck) she is at the hospital right now getting x-rays, so we will see what happens". About a little less than half way into the two hour practice coach gets a call from the doctor.He picks up the phone and answers. I am up to bat and have swung about three times now, I hear him hang up the phone and he started to speak. The first words out of his mouth were" That was the doctor" the whole team stops what they're doing and turns to coach. He said" the doctor told me Hanna didn't break her clavicle". As the team starts to hug out of relief and joy, we hear coach say something else" she broke her left arm and fractured her right shoulder blade, so now she is in a cast and a sling". There was a long moment of silence out of worry. At this moment the softball team doesn't know how Hanna is doing. We have to wait until tomorrow to either see her or hear how she is doing.My request is for Hanna's arm and shoulder to heal properly and fast,we don't know what to do with out her, not for our own selfish reasons but because I know she has a purpose in this world and I would like to see her fulfill that purpose.The rest of my team isn't christian or catholic. They don't even believe in God except one girl and her and I are probably the only ones who have been praying for her at school because we both got to christian schools.

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