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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation offers a profound vehicle for receiving spiritual healing, through the use of guided imagery combined with the healing vibration that is called forth during the meditation.

Guided imagery can aid in healing and restoring the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It can assist individuals to take important steps in their spiritual development, and to let go of energetic and emotional baggage that is holding a person back from moving forward in their lives. Guided meditation can assist us in healing relationships, and can bring healing and unity to a group. It can raise the vibration of an individual, couple or group, and can and help all who are present to move into their highest and best selves.

Guided meditation is most helpful when the person who is guiding the meditation has some attunement with their own inner source of God's Light. That way a healing vibration can be transmitted through not only the words but the person guiding the meditation.

I sometimes receive guided meditations through our Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages. Some of these guided meditation scripts related to spiritual healing are shared here so that you can use them in your own healing process.

My Experience With Guided Meditation

My own experience with guided imagery happened quite unexpectedly during my early days of learning about spiritual healing. While I was first building my spiritual healing practice, I was working part time in the evenings as a residential counselor for developmentally challenged adults. One of the residents was having trouble with his temper, getting angry and frustrated. He got so wound up, it was difficult for him to sleep.

I found myself using guided imagery with him, even though at the time I didn't know what it was. First I had him relax his body, and then as he relaxed I went into a state of meditation. Words and images would come to me to share with him. As I spoke the words, a soothing, relaxing vibration emerged from my voice. He was able to sleep better, and found the process so helpful that he requested that I make a guided imagery tape for him. Soon the other residents wanted to join in with this process, and the household began to be more peaceful and cooperative.

I found the experience of offering guided meditation to be very profound. I felt great Light present when I began the process, and felt as though I was being guided from spiritual beings who helped me to know what to say, and when, to help my clients in their healing process. When I was finished with the meditation, I felt as though I had received healing as well.

I began offering guided meditation to my counseling and spiritual healing clients. Soon after I began teaching classes which amplified the experience of light, as we all shared together in the healing vibration that was present through the meditation.

This experience taught me the great benefit and power of this simple process of guided imagery. Some of our Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages contain guided meditation exercises which support the process of spiritual transformation for individuals and for the Earth.

Examples of Guided Meditation

Here are some examples of the guided meditations that have come through our Blessings of the Light list.

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