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Give God a chance

by Ernie

Was going get on here and ask god for a job,changed my mind have so much to be thankful for I it just wouldn't be rite , never had much to do with god didn't know him all I knew was to use his name in vain when I hi t my thumb with a hammer.or any other time things didn't go my way made jokes of him and people that loved him that's rite the devil was my friend. And I can sit here and tell you all the things me and the devil did well you can bet if it was bad we did if it was good we didn't well the devil after all the fun was over left me alone scared confused no one was around me but me and I didn't even want to be around me but one yes!!!thats rite the one I cussed the one I cast out of my house,the only one I never gave a shot God. We'll I thought he came looking for me maybe I can have a relationship with him we'll to make it short I got saved three weeks ago and baptized yesterday and god loves me and I love him and he loves you too and if anyone else is struggling with your faith please give god a chance it not hard it is real easy and feels so good and rite I hate I wasted 47 yrs of my life without god in it because my way of thinking ended with doom and gloom who would want that over everlasting life in heaven with or father god some fool like I was anyway I hope this helps someone.

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