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Free me & empower me to serve mankind globally

by Partha Roy
(Delhi ,India)

Lord Jesus , Holy Mother Mary , Every Holy Soul ,
Kindly request the former Chairman of United News Of India , and the Chairperson of Press Trust of India to withdraw the restrictions put on me as well as empower me with relevant resources & rehabilitate me in professional, business, & political world so that I can serve mankind globally in open transparent, all tax paid way taking due care not to damage anyone even unknowingly .
I'm not denying the fact that I wanted to help US government including intelligence organisations in open trasparent way to tackle civil war in Bosnia by inculcating understanding ,affinity & love between Christians & Muslims who were fighting civil war in Bosnia using communication campaign but I never intended to do any treachery against people of India . I had & have no intention to gain from other's mistakes.

Thanks to everyone who will be praying for me and helping me to achieve my global welfare objectives.

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