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For the Glory of the Light

by Naomi

Oh Beautiful Moon

Oh Beautiful Moon

Oh sweet night of endless stars,
Oh gentle moon,
appearing above the horizon,
I welcome your presence
spilling over, reflecting the glow
of a greater star
and flooding my room
with flowing rivers of light.
As the world recedes into the night,
you arise to greet me,
with your blessed assurance,
that the power who formed you
is always near.
I feel the presence of Love
move in around me, as my heart
reflects an even deeper light within.
Oh moon, Oh beautiful moon,
we spring from the touch
of divine thought,
from the same source of life,
the same great pulsing heart
that guides our circling journey
through the stars.
We are connected in ways
we will never understand,
yet I welcome your gentle assurance
each night, and even when you
fade from sight,
I know you are there.
The wonder of creation
overwhelms me,
when I consider the complexity
of the universe,
and I weep for the beauty
of it all, as my gratitude
turns to glistening tears
for the unbearable sweetness of life.
Oh Love, you are so much more
than we will ever know.
I feel you flowing through me,
and I am ascending like the moon,
spinning toward the dawn.



Comments for For the Glory of the Light

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Feb 17, 2008
by: christy

your writing is so inspiring. i love all of it, thank you so much for sharing, christy

Nov 27, 2008
oh my!
by: Jamie

My eyes watered up to this one, of hapiness and unspeakable feelings. That feeling is so great and powerful inside of me. Thank you for these wonderful prayers.

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