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Emotional Spiritual Mental Prayer Help Needed

Please pray for Elizabeth. She has entered into a very dangerous relationship that is very dangerous for her. I have received emails from this man’s mother that he is not allowed to stay with her because of things he would do to her. The man has used Elizabeth’s emotions hurts against her. We have just found out at Christmas time she was raped last year by another man. We found out after she left that she has been sexually assaulted throughout JR and HS and is does not know how to handle these hurts,. This man’s and his family/friends has lied to her and caused her to cut off all contact with her family and friends including her church family. He convinced her to drop out of college. Some of the things he told her was that he could not get out of bed without her love. He would stop using drugs if she loved him and marry him. His family thinks she is his savior and has convinced her that she is. Beth is on a destructive mode and needs all the prayers of who truly love her and want her to have all God has plan for her. She left the school giving a different lie to everyone she talked to. Deep down she knows this is not right but as long as she is surrounded by those who are convincing her that she is his savior she will not see this.Pray that God will get back control of Beth and free her from the bondage she is in and will be able to get the help God has for her.

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