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Celestial Trip

by Leon

I think I'll leave my body and fly just like a balloon,
And hide from worldly worries on the dark side of the moon,
There's one thing that I need, before I float off in the blue,
I need a sky companion and I want it to be you.
We'll fly beyond the storm clouds and watch from up above,
And slide upon a rainbow and feel each others' love,
You'll shower in the stars at night, in a special place,
I'll dry you with a comet's tail and gently kiss your face,
Lucid shifting landscapes, changing every day,
We'll hug and spin together across the milky way,
The moon will wane before us, hung in heaven's height,
For nothing else can challenge,our spirit's endless flight,
Venus shines upon us,beaming her devotion,
Our dreamy drifting dalliance in nights celestial ocean,
I'll write you lovers' poetry, and you will be my muse,
Orion and Andromeda will oversee our cruise,
We'll sleep with clouds as pillows,and borrow angel's wings,
Then fly like magic lovebirds and slide round Saturn's rings,
And should we tire of drifting with the stars all floating by,
We'll hook onto a meteor and soar across the sky.
Please hold my hand come fly with me, we're heading for the sun,
We're flying till we find the place where two souls merge as one.

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