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Cancer Patient in Need of Prayers

Franklin (Buddy) Dotson was treated for cancer of the throat and mouth and was released. He was told the cancer was stabilized and would be removed surgically. But he was too weak to have the surgery. Now he is back in Pikeville KY hospital with extreme pains in his body and bleeding from his mouth. He can't eat or drink anything because of the pain and sickness. Today, they found a large mass in his throat which they suspect to be the cancer growing at an uncontrollable rate. They will again try to do surgery on him if he is strong enough. Buddy doesn't have long for this world if he doesn't get help soon. Please pray for Buddy in your churches. Please keep him in your prayers.

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Jul 18, 2008
Franklin Dotson
by: Deb

God's grace and compassion I send to you....

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