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Brokenhearted Mother

by Heartbroken Mother

I am requesting you to pray for the return of love to my precious son's heart. He has been our love of life for 28 years now. He was born with many needs and we have seen him thru many struggles thru the years. Emotional and physical. I even believed that these struggles were what made our bond even closer thru the years until about 3 years ago. While I was away for a few weeks to be with my precious Mother while dying he suddenly met a woman almost 10 years older with 4 children by different fathers and has now married her against our best advice. We have tried to get along with her but she continually puts a wedge between us and finally now our son will not speak to us at all. I have tried and tried to contact him. By letter; by phone;in person. The last time was about 6 weeks ago now. I went into his business and he ran into the back room and would not look me in the eye as I pleaded for him to tell me what we have done to him and his response was > NOTHING AND LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY! Then he said if I did not leave he would get a restraining order against me. MY heart has fallen into a million pieces. I pray daily for him. I cannot seem to put my self back together again now.Please ask for God's blessing in this matter. I pray daily for God's help with this even if the answer is for me to only accept this but I don't seem to be able to just let go of him. Please tell me what to do!!!!Both my parents and gone now and I miss them both so much. I don't have them to ask their advice. I wish I did. I feel so alone and lost....

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