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Broken Heart

by Mark
(Dalton,Ga USA)

I am so inlove with a woman who has post tramatic stress syndrome from a very abusive ex-husband. She has backed away which has broken my heart and put me in a depressive state. I' a fire fighter so this is dangerous for me at work. I just ask that you pray that God will intervene help her through her crisis and help me retain what we started. i also ask for guidance in this situation and that God will lift up my spirits .

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Mar 29, 2011
Give her space
by: Anonymous


Beaten women are like a beaten horse...the need horse whisperers...watch that movie and you will know what to do.

Let her know you are there: cards in the mail, little notes...email or two...send her tickets to go places, always two...hope for an invite, but don't expect...just be there, and let her know nothing is expected in return...once you truly gain her trust, you will find no one more loyal...but it will be hard work.

let her know that you are always there...

But remember, dear...it may be she doesn't see her future with you...

Ask her outright..accept her answer...even if its vague...when attraction is not there, chemistry does not mix, flavors are not what you like...you move on...

Dear Lord,
If it be your will, please let our firemen be successful to be with the one he was meant to be with, and may he finf peace and happiness...

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