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Believeing in what is true

by Brian

I'm cured of all things.
No matter what it may be.
Jesus has lift these burden's off of me.
I live for Christ day and night.
Believeing in what is true.
Things begin to change.
When I atleast espect them too.
God is in full control in everything I do.
The power of life and death are in our tongues.
Speak life on yourself or what you will become.
Each day I walk, I accept it as the truth.
Believeing in Jesus in what he told me to do.
Seek the Kingdom of God and all of his righteousness too.
And all these other things shall be added unto you.
Praise my lord that is on high.
He watchs us continuely with an all seeing eye.
He knows everything about us.
In what we do.
Everything that troubles us.
Seek him he loves you.

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