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Awareness of Self

by Elisabeth Goines
(Cave Junction, Oregon)

Dear Ones,
I would like to let you know how everyday when I wake up (espesially THIS year, 2007) I am so AMAZED that the world is still spinning and the Sun is still rising in the East, the beauty of Nature is still around me, the Food, the Water and abundance of everything that we need is STILL here! So I give thanks and go to my ALTAR. This Altar has different objects on it that remind me of how SACRED life is...Objects that help me to focus on the DIVINE LOVE of the SWEET MOTHER GODDESS and FATHER GOD.

I have a statue of the Goddess QUan Yin that is a fountain. I 'activate' my Quan Yin several times during the day by turning her upside down and transferring the water that is inside to the top of the statue. Then when I place my Goddess statue upright, she 'feeds' three hungry Dragons from her vial of Sacred Water. As the sacred water drips slowly into the mouths of the hungry dragons, I light a candle and incense and ring my prayer bell and invoke the LOVE and COMPASSION of the GODDESS. I INVITE her into my MIND and HEART. I ask that she lend me her infinite PATIENCE and FORGIVENESS to uphold me throughout the day and to extend her LOVE and MERCY to all the world.

I invoke my personal Spirit Guides and Angels also and ask them to watch over me and keep me safe from harm so I can manouver with ease and grace throughout me day. I VISUALIZE all my loved ones (particularly loved ones that I may be worried about) centered in GOLDEN/VIOLET light that protects them from any harm or negativity.

This helps me tremendously to remain calm in the face of much adversity and chaos.

May the divine blessings of mercy, grace and forgiveness fill our lives with the light of love and kindness. May we lay down our arms and embrace each other as kindred spirits all over the planet. To learn to cooperate and work together to end suffering and ascend into a better way of living in this diverse and sacred creation.
So let it be

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by: Mashubi

Dearest Elisabeth, thank you for sharing this profound and inspired expression of your daily spiritual practice. I am very touched to feel the love and light you have shared. I honor you, and thank you!

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