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Asking for Intercession

by Kimberly
(Orange Park, FL)

Dear St. Therese, Please pray for me. Bring a miracle into my life with the Hand of God. Today is the end of Phillip's training class and he will be returning home to begin work. The last 10 weeks have put thoughts into his head that never been there before and his environment and opportunity to "get wild with the guys" and such has gone to his head and he pushed me and our relationship away. I pray that all of this negativity will be removed from him and that on his return home to Washington, he will also be divinely guided to return to me. I pray the silence towards me will be lifted and that he will restore communication with me. I have a plane ticket to Washington put on hold for him and I pray that his call will come asking me to rebook that flight to get to him. I pray my mother's words ring true regarding this situation. I promise to do "little ways" to honor you and God and to be a truly good person helping others as I am asking you to help me. Please see this as my Thank You to you. I am noticing the name rose and seeing roses, but I am unsure if this is you because nothing is clear to me. The clearest sign I can receive is Phillip contacting me and I pray to you and that through your miraculous intercession and with Jesus, my prayers for Phillip to return to my life will be answered. He told me that he may do something crazy before the class was over, he said he almost made a stupid mistake. Please, let him take the leap now to correct this situation so that we may begin growing together again. Please St. Therese, intercede for me and bring my love back to me. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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