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Ascension Symptoms

by Justin

Well, its the same old "ascension symptoms". I find myself more lately battling the light and dark within myself. I've had all the symptoms of ascension, feeling like being in a pressure cooker, bloating, dizziness, etc, and all go away within a few days. Recently, its been an overwhelming depression. The symptoms go back and forth. Back to recently, its been evaluating myself and my environment more than ever. I found its mostly myself. I have found myself "acting out" my ego, and then seeing it in the process and coming to realize its my stuff. I am one of the many who experience the planetary stuff coming through the body. So, sometimes, its hard to know whats mine and whats the whole. From the higher perspective, its all 'mine'. From the lower self, thats a different story. I disagree with some people, like Karen Bishop, who say that the process gets easier has one goes along. That may be true from some, but for me, as the clearing and purification revelations come forward, I find myself being challenged even deeper into myself. Yes, I kinda got used to symptoms of the ascension. But the overall process, no, it gets more intense.

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Jun 13, 2008
May you be held
by: Mashubi

Thank you for sharing dearest Justin. May you be held in God's light and loving embrace as we all go through this very intense time. Much love to you.

May 04, 2009
I agree
by: Anonymous

Yes I agree, it doesn't get easier for me either. I've had this overwhelming sadness for a while now. It took me a while to realise it's part of this, I couldn't figure out why I felt so terribly sad all the time. I also am so light headed all the time, sometimes so much so that I have to sit down. This is more intense now than before.

May 28, 2009
Years in the process
by: Anonymous

I have been experiencing the lightheadedness, bloating, almost out-of-body sensations for about 12 years now. I literally was sensing that I was walking two to three inches above the ground. Sweat poured out of my palms for about ten days. I heard and saw things in a completely different way. People thought I was having a psychotic episode - but I was totally aware of what was happening. I just responded to the 'now' in a more intense manner for some time. Today - I go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

Jun 05, 2009
Ascension Symptoms
by: Geoff Freed

dear justin thank you for your site. i am a 70 yr young man and have the ascension symptoms. i became aware of them in 1967 and have a blog which some of your contacts may wish to read. it can be found by google as geoff freed online. thank you and beless you. much love. geoff

Jul 23, 2010
More expansive ...
by: Anonymous

I'm a "crystal scout" born in the mid 70's and have been going through the ascension process for some time (being a conscious light worker since I was a child) and it definitely hasn't gotten easier for me ...but it is different for everyone!

For the most part, I have transcended a lot of egoic density but struggle a lot on a daily basis with the physical ascension 'symptoms'.

My body vibrates very intensely 24/7. As one can imagine, it is difficult to even go grocery shopping. As I type this now, my hands are vibrating so much, I can't help but make typos with every word.I realize this vibrating won't go away or stop so I'm trying to 'figure out' how to deal with it or move forward. I found this site because I'm wondering how many others are struggling to the extend as I am.

The vibrating is only part of it.There are also the crown chakra headaches as energy pours in, the dizziness as you have mentioned, the desire for fruits and liquids only, the hot and cold spells (which are energetic in nature -energy, not hormones), the visions, intense OBEs, feeling completely dazed and zoned out, whole body tension (same cause as with the headaches - energy), motoring feet chakras (my feet chakras actually emit a sound as they spin now), the spontaneous levitating ... etc

... then there are the hovering emotions of 'the void" (the depression we feel because our former life no longer serves us), the confusion of what to do (since our former life no longer serves us), the desire for spiritual bonding (which often goes unfulfilled) and being severely misunderstood.

Sure, there is mercy, breathing and just allowing but those things will only do so much. In two months time, I would have moved 11 times in 4 years.

I wasn't even born of this dimension or planet so that might explain the intensity of what I have been going through but wow ...what else is there to say?

I wish everyone peace and presence on their journey back to the conscious oneness. x :)

Jan 05, 2011
For Justin
by: Anonymous

(Sorry about any typos) Hi Jason, I havnt read what others have written yet but im so happy ive read your post! I feel exactly the same way and battling with the same experience. Im fighting between ego and true self. & often am giving myself a hardtime working out which one is which. & feel lost and dont know wher eto rest at. I only read about ascension symtoms the other day and I pretty much tick every box and from what ive just read moments ago on another site. this is the hard bit and you are quiet far along! It is hard and the confusion between hgher self and lower self, here and now or what you feel and feel you want to be has been driving me mad for a while. But I only have one option just have a lil faith! Ego often ruins higher, inner, true self or my spirit. Im still learning but it is very frustrating when im trying to know which oen is which. I try to act out exactly what you wrote and then im just confused.. Theonly way to describe it is.. loads of levels and not knowing which one to be on, to go forward or even trust in. Especially where in the past you did reach apoint of peace, knwoing, and understanding. ill just keep reading and hoping it will work itself out

Feb 11, 2011
Going through it now.
by: Anonymous

I've found myself more and more in the throws of this is I go along...it's so hard. I have small children to care for, and therefore have to maintain a sense of balance about it all...even when my body is acting so intensely. The hardest thing is the exhaustion that follows me relentlessly, as I don't have the ability to give into it in the way that most will.

I have good days and bad. The good days are fantastic and joyful, as I feel that everything that I do, makes me happy. The bad days, like, today, make me feel alone and despondent. As of late I always feel this intense yearning to belong to the oneness, and yet the moment never fully arrives. I feel pulling and tugging at my heart, to the point of almost tears, and nothing comes of it. My nights are restless and full of energetic pangs, which never fully materialize...I don't know what to do, at times.

I'm a an indigo empath, and aside from all that I've mentioned, I have the rawest desire to help the world, and yet I feel trapped and confined by my situation...I know that I must shift within, in order to help the process along, but It is more difficult than I though it would be...I just hope that I am going in the right direction.

May 09, 2011
Ascension Symptoms
by: Deb

Still waiting for this dizziness to subside..followed by headaches galore and fatigue. Feel like I am jumping out of my skin.medical tests show nothing wrong...

Sep 29, 2011
Living vibrantly through the ascension
by: Linda

I am finding the more light I carry the more difficult it is getting for me to survive within a public community. I work in a very busy retail store and if I don't do everything I can to stay healthy I end up depressed and miserable and unable to function on a daily basis. I am finding now that I have no choice than to find new employment. My work place is not only filled with negative people but the building in itself is "sick" with very bad energy. It is pushing me out so I will trust and believe I am being moved forward for a reason that in the future I will be greatful for!

It is so important to always keep in mind that you are in control at all times! We are in a "void"...we are in a completely new space that has not yet been created! Educate yourself on the Laws of the Universe! Meditate with music...kusic soothes your soul and it transmits frequency to raise your vibration! It is up to you to create your world now so you must always reach for better thinking thoughts and although difficult keep in mind that the new world is a place of joy! It gives us a chance to play and have fun! Ignore the doom in your life and give only thought to how you want your life to be and pretend play! You are the star of your own movie! Do whatever it takes to feel good and watch magic unfold! What you see is all of who you were...reach for who you are! Retrain your subconscious with affirmations ie "The Lord is my Shepard I Shall Not Want!"


Sep 29, 2011
Living vibrantly through the ascension
by: Linda

I thought this all important so this is continued

Go to InnerTalk.com the site is filled with brain training programs!

Exercise daily! Take a walk...clear your aura of bad energy...eat high protein and stay away from refinded...80%/20% rule! Constantly look for things you want in your new reality shop, shop, shop! Collect photos and pretend you sare living as your future self now! Make mini goals for yourself...start out each day with a new regimine and stick with it! Everyone has their own way of meditation. It could be with music, exercise or sitting in front of a candle. Do whatever makes your heart sing and empowers you to face another day! Find psychic protection methods and protect yourself when around lower energies! Be an example in yur own right! Be Yourself!!! It is what brought us all here! We each carry a gift which must be given to the world as a group!

Be happy! Ask and it is given!!! Be well!

I hope this helps someone! Yes this is not an easy task...but only the strongest were chosen and if there is a will...there is a way! Our former mindset only weakens us! You have the power of God inside you! Our former mindset and the mindset of mainstream society has trained us to feed off each other for energy to cope with the day! Source is teaching us now that our only energy should come from source and from the energy of food and the energy projected from nature!

If you are in the state of depressiont energy from that which was our former mindset others in our environment. Our bodies no longer function as we were taught to gain energy because we are different now. This is the change that is sweeping the planet! This shift is forcing us to find energy from where it was meant to come from...inside our hearts and through natural sources! Get into alignment and if you think happy through the tormoil only happy can come! It's the Law of the Universe!

Go to Abraham/Hicks website...they will help you understand!


Nov 14, 2011
Ascension Symptoms
by: Deborah

I am glad I found this site! I started having ascension symptoms 20 years ago before I knew what they were. I had autoimmune issues (fibromyalgia and extreme dry eyes, etc.). I had a bunch of spiritual experiences happen at that time as well. I put my spirituality aside and this year came back to it. I have been going through ascension symptoms since.

It's been very difficult for me. Through this process, I have learned I am a Lightworker, which makes so much sense. Here are some of the symptoms I have been experiencing this past year-

Anxiety at weird times
Mood swings-extreme highs and lows
Issues with my ego-almost like my ego and true self are in conflict (sometimes it's really bad-feels like I'm losing my mind)
Lightheadedness-can be extreme like I'm floating but it's not comfortable, dizziness
Extreme fatique at times (stay in bed all day)
sinus headaches
I see mainly white stars, sometimes black often
I see things in the corners of my eyes often
I have occasionally heard things like my name
Heightened sensitivity of my senses
Desire to be alone more often or at least home with my family
My life goals have changed-job goals
Less Materialistic
Low tolerance for folks still on lower vibration
More and more forgetful-can't remember words or names
Can't read words on the computer correctly. Sometimes I see words that are not there. I have good vision!
Desire to "go home"
Not much in this world interests me right now

I have other symptoms I can't think of right now. It's been so tough to go through this with out being able to talk about it with most people. It's a very lonely feeling and a bit scary because I don't know how long this will take or what exactly is going to happen.

I'm not happy you all have to feel these symptoms but it is nice to know I am not alone and not totally nutso! This certainly has not been easy for me. One thing I've learned is that most things worth having is easy. I just continue to pray and ask G-d, my angles, guides and usually Archangel Raphael for support to get through. Also, one day or even one second at a time.

Nov 14, 2011
by: Linda

From what I've been reading...this may go on for many years...I was told the other day I can turn it off at any time...I don't want to! It's like an adventure and times I've turned it off I just feel ordinary. I've also realized as time goes on my thoughts of how I am feeling have everything to do with the reality. When I am not feeling good I realize it's due to my former mind set. Like "I feel too good to be true!" The proverbial you are your own worst enemy!

You must always remember that you are the creator...that's the hardest part when the drama of the outside world starts to catch up with you! You are God! This is hard for me knowing I can have anything I want! But what exactly is that? I just want to learn all that I can! I think we all are doing that...sucking up as much information that we can get our hands on like a perpetual student! It's astounding when you can share this knowledge to people that really wnat to know! They want to know where you learned it...it's coming from within and without...it shows you. Than there is the peanut gallery! /:
Oh well...they're just not ready to hear it yet!

Do whatever it takes to feel good! I could hybernate the rest of my life too but I don't think it is the intension of all of this...or perhaps right now it is...it give you time to learn more for whatever the next move is!

Stay well...Everyone is crazy...most are just pretending to have it all together! You are no different...just wiser! There are no books and we didn't learn this in a school...sometimes it puts a dent in your confidence!

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