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Allergic Reactions

by Kathy
(Leamington, Ontario, Canada)

Mashubi, I am so glad you are going to have a website about our light body and its issues. I had an allergic reaction last month that put me into full blown 'anaphylactic shock' and almost killed me. The funny thing is I felt calm throughout the whole experience. Since that time I have had two more allergic reactions but not nearly as severe as the first one. I went for allergy testing last week and nothing significant showed up.

Since all this began someone suggested to me that maybe I am being used as a channel to transmute things of this earth that can no longer be tolerated by people as they become more sensitive to various foods and chemicals. I know I usually hold my breath on the aisle in the grocery store that contains cleaning products and detergents as I can't tolerate the scents anymore.

Another thing going on is the 'Universal hum' in my head seems to be louder than usual since these allergic reactions have taken place.

I have to be careful of the foods I ingest as some really disturb my digestive tract now.

I can barely tolerate sound and the volume on the TV and radio must be kept as a very low decibel.

Sometimes I just don't know who I am anymore and just try to get through each and every day the best I can...exhaustion is unbelievable and how I feel is just so strange. I need lots of time by myself, to hang out amongst nature where I am rejuvenated.

Many blessings to all of you who are developing your light bodies at this time...Kathy

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Aug 14, 2008
I understand
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to share that I've experienced the same thing four months ago. After that allergic reaction, ears started ringing and my Lightbody went into activation. I too, have had such strange body symptoms and just looking forward to getting through as so much has changed. Trust is the big key and relying on all Beings of Light to guide me.

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