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A prayer for those who are sick

by Madonna
(south africa)

Dear lord
i have a loved one who is sick and i know u can heal anything and im close my eyes and pray for you to make him better ...
i love him very much and i would give up my life to see him better i can not live with out him...please help us.

Comments for A prayer for those who are sick

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Dec 24, 2010
a prayer for you
by: Anonymous

I pray for you and your partner...Blessings..Jane xxx

Jan 13, 2011
Send an angel
by: Anonymous

Please God please watch over my brother ,send a special angel to his beside to pray over him ,,, I know you are powerfull as you have always been there for me and i,m asking you to please watch over my brother ,,,,, I believe in you

Jan 13, 2011
Send an angel
by: Anonymous

Please God please watch over my brother ,send a special angel to his beside to pray over him ,,, I know you are powerfull as you have always been there for me and i,m asking you to please watch over my brother ,,,,, I believe in you

Feb 08, 2011
praying 4 u
by: Anonymous

prayer is a powerful thing- i know God hears our prayers, and He still performs miracles. Thank u Jesus!

Apr 15, 2011
by: Joann

praying for your loved one i know how that feels

Apr 22, 2011
Gods Promise
by: Anonymous

God promises to heal all dieases and sickness
Just ask and recieve

May 27, 2011
heal ,my father in law
by: Anonymous

jesus i need you 2 heal my father in law he is very sick please jesus ;i bg u please heal my father in law n all my kids who is having chicken pox and heal me also jesus i think i m also going 2 fall sick please heal all of us jesus

May 27, 2011
heal ,my father in law
by: wilma

jesus i need you 2 heal my father in law he is very sick please jesus ;i bg u please heal my father in law n all my kids who is having chicken pox and heal me also jesus i think i m also going 2 fall sick please heal all of us jesus

Jun 02, 2011
My Dear Find Who Has Cancer
by: Anonymous

Please pray to our Father who can and will heal
Deborah who is holding on with every thing in her to over-come Satan who is trying to take her life. She has Faith and never complains her Dad is a man of God who has gave to the poor and hungery. Satan is attacting him through his daughter to bring him down. My Lord i'm asking you for the most high God to come down to earth and completely heal Deborah from the strong hold that has her bound to sickness, set her free from pain, sickness, restore what Satan has torn down. Amen

Jun 30, 2011
Healing Prayer for me
by: Joseph

I am having a gout attack right now and it is a very painful feeling. This gout has been bothering me for more than 40 years. I am crying to you my God and my Father, through the name of your Son Jesus to please; Take away this gout from my body and restore my health back to normal. Only you can do amazing things and nobody else can do the things that you do. I am praying hard every morning and every night asking for your help and I want to continue to stay close to you in prayer all the days of my life. I want to be strong physically, mentally and spiritually so I can serve you with the work that I do for your church as a deacon, elder and Stephen Minister, all the days of my life. Thank you God, and please answre my prayer.

Jul 04, 2011
by: azi

Dear God,

My grandmother is on the hospital bed, fighting for her life. Please help her go without any pain and as she wishes too. Please heal her in the best way. She is going to be with you so please take care of this lovely person whom we adore and love so very much.

Aug 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

dear Lord please pray for that person and another member that I know in ned of your quick results. Please pray father in your name Amen!

Aug 21, 2011
Send an Angel
by: Anonymous

Send an Angel
by: Sandy

Please God watch over my brother in law, send a special angel to his side to pray over him.... I know you are powerful as you have always been there for me and I'm asking you to please watch over my brother in law as he lays in the hospital and please watch over my sister as well...I believe in you and what you can do for others. Thank you

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Aug 26, 2011
Send an Angel
by: Anonymous

The peace and love of the Lord Jesus Christ and his angels are with your love one and all will be well in the name of the Father, the son and the holy ghost.
May the peace be with you and your family

Sep 27, 2011
a prayer for my dad
by: Anonymous

Please God, look upon my father and help him through his stroke.
Give him the strength to open his eyes and try....

Nov 18, 2011
Prayer for Uncle Ben
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord, We knew we have sinned against You. Forgive us all what we have done. Specially my Uncle Ben,please forgive him for all what he have done to You. With Your Blessings please give him strength to face all trials of what he has now.Cure his worries physically..his mind of loneliness.Guide him always. Protect him. Amen.

Dec 13, 2011
Hey Ram !!!
by: Anonymous

Hey Ram !!! You can do every thing please shower your blessings on golu plz save his life!!!

Jan 17, 2012
Prayer for healing
by: Anonymous

Lord jesus send an angel for son who is struggling with his school work give him understanding for each and everything he is studying at school Lord I pray let him lovr his school work send your angels anoint her with the power

Jan 18, 2012
Lord heal my loved ones
by: Sarah

Lord, please heal my husband and cure him totally of this infection, he has gone through a lot lord......also please heal my little baby boy who is suffering from such high fever for the last 5 days......please lord....I am so helpless....

Jan 21, 2012
by: Kenneth

Dear Lord,

Thankyou for healing me when I prayed for healing. Thankyou for your strength when my thoughts were bleak. Please continue to heal and strengthen me. Help others to feel the full power and glory of your healing. In the name of Jesus, who mended the broken.


Jan 27, 2012
Heal My Mother
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord,

Your faithful child, my mother, has been ill for so many months. Her body is weak and plagued with infection, her kidney function is low, and her personal strength and spirit are at an all time low.

Please send her healing rays, have your archangels look after her and lift her and provide her strength and hope. Allow her body to fight off infection, and get rid of what is causing her sorrow. Lift her soul and fill her with much needed and much deserved energy. She has raised and loved her own children as well as her grandchildren. Please reward her with your love and healing.

Feb 01, 2012
Prayer for Sick friend
by: Frederick

Dear Lord,
I pray for my friend Feliza G who is sick let your healing miracle power cure her. Amen.

Feb 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Dear God,
Please heal me physically and emotionally ive been suffering for years. I have faith in you please answer my prayers i am waiting for a miracle.


Feb 16, 2012
Prayer for my children
by: Anonymous

Father God I want o give you thanks and praise for the children you hhave given to me lord i ask that you watch over them guid and gard and protect them as they go out into the world. Lord pray for wisdom and understanding for each and evey one of them also lord I pray for my grand child lord i pray that he will grow up to be a respectful young man in my community lord strengthen him lord show him the right path to walk in life. Lord i pray all these pray in no other name but yours.

Feb 17, 2012
My mom
by: Anonymous

Please God watch over my mom and my dad through this difficult time in their lives. My mom is really sick right now and needs your healing hands upon her.. and please give my dad the patience he needs to get through this.. In God's Name Amen

Feb 18, 2012
lord please help our father
by: melanie

dear lord,i pray that you help our dad. he is battling cancer, and he has hit rock bottom, and needs your strength. lord i pray that you help him be free of this suffering and misery that he is in right now. also lord, i pray that you bring my family closer than we are now lord, so we can enjoy this little bit of time left with dad. in jesus name we pray...amen!

Feb 25, 2012
my father
by: Anonymous

Lord God i know you watch us every single time in every single day Lord please help my father to recover in his pain he is in the hospital right now please send him an angel who will guide and protect in his health i know he mad at me but i love my father lord God whatever happened i will never be mad at him please give him strength and healthy body please watch my family everyday and protect us in all evil give us a guardian angel to protect us in evil works thank you Lord God

Feb 28, 2012
prayer for sick loved one
by: grandson

Please almighty father ruler of heaven and earth
Prayers for my grandfather Dixie
He has trouble breathing
And has been admitted in to hospital
Cut and clear any blockages attached to him in Jesus name Amen

Mar 02, 2012
Pray for my loved one please
by: Becky

My husband is very sick with a disease that is taking over his life. Alcholism I need for I to focus on I and my daughter. Today she saw him leave w beer. As he was entering my car. I had to take the keys off of him due to the car being driven under the influence of alchol. He is starting to get nasty, takes a shower 1 day a week, sometimes doesnt eat much. I know this is a disease being my dad was an alchloic. But theres not much i can do for he. Its ruing my marriage and his time spent with his step daughter. My daughter. She is gonna be 14 in may. I as well lost my dad at 55 years of age,and my husband will be 50 this april. I was told about 5 years ago. He will only have probably 10 years to live,due to his heavy drinking.
What should I do? Thank you

Mar 13, 2012
Please pray for my family
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my Uncles. My Uncle David is battling brain cancer. He just had surgery to remove the tumor. He's doing good, but they are going to the doc again to see if they got rid of most of it. My Uncle Mike has kidney failure,
they're down to three percent working. He also had two spots one on his kidney the other on his bladder. They don't know if they're cancer yet, but they will be finding out on the 20 of this month. If the spots are cancer the doc's are gonna take him of dialysis. They will try to make him as comfortable as possible and he'll probably die a slow painful death. Please pray for them donn't let the devil when. Pray that Gods love will shine through and that they will be healed. God is good and I know he will take care of them.
God please take care of them please don't take them away from us. I know that your in control and that your way is the best for us, but please spare my Uncles lives. Please put your hand on them and comfort them through their fights for their lives.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Mar 21, 2012
Urgent Prayer request for Sheiloa S
by: Anonymous

I urge all believers to please urgently pray for a Mother named Sheila S who is ill with C and she has a twelve year old Son and a Loving Husband who need her. I have prayed and requested my prayer in faith for God to heal her but when more pray the prayer is multiplied and answered faster, if it is the will of God. Thank you all for your help in praying for Sheila!

Apr 02, 2012
Request for a healing miracle for Maggie C
by: Andrew Kunze

Dear heavenly father, I pray in Jesus Name that You touch my sister -in-law MARGARET C. She lives in Belize. That you Lord for the miracle

Apr 13, 2012
by: Anonymous

please comfort my poppi father in law...thank you lord god

Apr 26, 2012


Apr 26, 2012
Lord always can do miracles
by: Anonymous

I've a brother who is sick & i pray all the time and i know God could do such a miracle to get my brother back to normal condition and my prayer goes to my brother and to those who are in the same condition

May 04, 2012
Pray and heal
by: His mom

My son has been through do much with his disease and has been so strong. Please now that we are looking at serious medical issues hear my prayers. Please give him strength and healing. He is getting married and the worry is so overwhelming. I plead and pray and I promise to work do hard on my spiritual journey lord. On the name of the father,son and holy spirit

May 04, 2012
My family
by: Anonymous

Lord grant my prayers of healing for my family and myself that are sick. Amen

May 08, 2012
Nothing is Impossible to the Lord
by: Anonymous

My prayers for Sheiloa S and David that the Good Lord Jesus Christ may heal both of them.

May 10, 2012
healing for my friend
by: Anonymous

hi,im from india and i urgently need help here,my friend glady is in hospital and seriously ill and getting worse day by day...doctors could not find out the disease.please i need your prayers for the quick recovery of my friend...in the name of GOD please pray for her,thank you

May 28, 2012
by: Anonymous


May 29, 2012
Plagued with illness
by: Anonymous

Dear God and the Virgin Mary and Jesus and all Saints please help us and my brother deal with his illness. Help cure hi
And make him better. Please help give him some good health years. He has received his second transplant and has rejected. Please Lord we ask you for help. We ask and pray for the kidney to turn around and work. Give my parents son rest in their hearts. Give my brother some peace from this disease. Please Lord help us.
Thank you for all our blessings.

Jun 24, 2012
A miracle heal for my mom
by: Jules

In Jesus name i pray that my health should return to normal mostly to her appetite.May the Heavenly Father will help me with this, I'm so desperate about my mom's condition nowadays.

Jun 25, 2012
Heal my Son
by: Anonymous

Father in the name of Jesus the I Am, the only one who can help my situation and heal my Sons body. Father God he has been in a coma for 5 months, since then he

Jun 29, 2012
A prayer for my father
by: Anonymous

Dear God,

I pray with all that is within me, that you will heal my father. In your Word, it says that whatever the righteous ask in Your name will be given unto them. I am your daughter..your child and I ask in the name of Jesus that my father be healed by Your precious blood. I command sickness and this disease that is trying to take over his body to leave in the name of Jesus. I know you have more for him to do in this life and I know this is not the end. I command satan to loose his hold on my father's life and I decree and declare healing and victory over this pneumonia in the name of Jesus. Lord, please give me more time with my father...a second chance for a better relationship with him. I love him so much and forgive me for the times when I took him for granted. I thank you in advance for his healing and I praise You for what you are already doing in his life. Thank you Lord for being a very present help in the time of trouble. You are truly everything that we need and more. I love you Lord and I ask all of these things in Jesus name,

And it is so in the name of Jesus!!!!!!!

Jul 17, 2012
dear God
by: Anonymous

Help my step son who bad heart get better he needs an operation to survive. i belive that you can heal him.

Jul 21, 2012
Divine miracle healing for my love one

Dear Lord, only you can heal him. Heal him of unforgiveness, anger and arrogance. Lord also forgive him for he has mocked you out of anger as he could not be healed since Dec 2011 and still not able to get home. His nose bleed, liver and high blood pressure are taking turns to prevail and he is still unable to fly back. It has been close to 8mths Lord and I believe only you can provide miraculously healing in him. I also believe he could be cursed as he has entered into occult practices and Lord almighty remove any evil spirit dwelling in his body and obstructing every treatment. Dear Lord he has spent a few hundred thousand and has borrowed lots of money to undergo the treatmt but never seemed to totally heal. Lord pls be merciful and provide him miracle healing so that this should open his eyes on you and let him trust and have faith in you. He has gone through financial crisis caused by his job and his bosses. Lord, right at this moment only you can heal him and regain his financial stability. Lord before I pray this you know my prayers and I have been praying hard and even I have lose hope and faith. Strengthen me Lord so that I could continue to pray for both myself and him. In Jesus name I pray , Amen

Jul 26, 2012
Please let my prayers be answered.
by: Praying the one i love will be ok

Lord i am praying for someone i love who is not doing well at this time. i pray that you heal him and give him the strength to get better and stay better. i really love this person and only wish for him to get better. Thank you. please anyone who sees this post will you send your prayers to him and his family for him to make a full recovery. Thank you.

Jul 26, 2012
please send prayers
by: Anonymous

I have someone who i love alot who is not doing so well at this time. i really dont know what to do except pray for him to get well again and for him to stay well. please send prayers to him and his family that he makes a full recovery please anyone who reads this. Thank you. Dear Lord please hear my prayers and give him the streangth to get through this and be ok. i love him with all my heart please lord hear my prayers and answer them i thank you lord amen.

Jul 30, 2012
Thank you for everything Father Son & Holy Spirit!!!!
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord please Father heal my Dad make a miracle Father please Father put your hands on my Daddy & heal him with his heart his diabetes &! Dear Lord have someone be a donor for a kidney , my heart hurts so bad to see him dwindling down to nothing I am so sad & sick & heartbroken to see him so week in pain & helpless! I love you Jesus my Savior ! Please protect my whole family , children animals & friends & to many others out there hurting inside for there loved ones to please help them to in your Almighty name Dear Lord ! Thank u Jesus thank you Father , Thank you Abba !!!!!.... I love you with all of my heart!:) xoxo

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