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A prayer for my energetic counterpart, friend, lover and father of my child

Please God,
May I be aligned with you at all times.
May I soon meet the man who is my soul mate, energetic counterpart, friend, lover, future father of my child, and lifetime partner.
May I meet him with ease, flow, truth and love.
May our relationship be in free flow of love and sexuality, and enlightened consciousness.
May all the conditions be provided for living together a healthy holistic, enlightened life in a peace community working for evolution of consciousness, in good health, happiness, freedom and peace, with sufficient livelihood, within and in tune with nature.
May I bring a child of the new age into this world, and nurture him in the community of a Global Peace Village.
May I contribute with my life's work to bringing peace to Israel and Palestine, and the whole world.

May all of this, or even better, actualize.

God Bless me with love, light, joy and peace.

Thank you.

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