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Daily Blessings Issue #053 -- Faith
August 19, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,


What is Faith? Faith is the belief and the strong conviction in something. In relation to the life of spirit, faith in God is the experience of trust, belief and conviction in God's reality and presence in one's life, even at times when it is not possible to feel or experience God's reality directly.

Faith in God requires the willingness to let go of habitual ways of perception, in order to open to a new consciousness and perception. Faith in God requires the willingness to know things not from your rational mind, but rather from your higher mind.

The development of faith requires only the strong desire and longing for this. Pray for faith and then trust what is given to your life in response.

Sometimes a soul will pray for faith and then an unexpected change happens in their life, one that mayor may not be welcome. They feel let down as though God was not listening, or they feel that they have somehow made some kind of mistake.

This is not so, and is never so when a soul asks to be closer to God. God gives that soul what is needed to move the soul forward into that which is most longed for.

The fruits of faith are patience, peace, and eventually great love as the soul is brought Home to the remembrance it's origins.

Faith can be strengthened at every moment in life. When you encounter any difficulty or obstacle, and you notice the mind or emotions complaining or sinking into negativity, call upon your faith. Pray for God's Light and love to strengthen your heart and your faith.

The Stength of Heart Meditation will help this as well. By strengthening your heart you will strengthen your faith. And what of those times when you cannot find faith? This is the time to reach out for love. First, have love and compassion for yourself. Do not judge yourself for forgetting your faith. Simply love.

Call upon a trusted spiritual friend or guide to share your feeling with -- someone who can listen and love without judgment or fear. It may help also to express your feelings through song or art or poetry -- allow the feelings to flow.

Most importantly, feel these emotions with God, and share them intimately with your Creator in your prayers. Call out to God with your heart and your whole being, and He will respond.

His response will not be what you expect, so be open to move forward with courage and commitment. Your perseverance will be rewarded with all of God's blessings. Love, Light and truth will be strengthened and you will come to know God's faith wholly and completely.

Your growing Light will shine forth as a beacon to others and will bless the world with your unique divine ray of God's sacred life.

May all beings be blessed with true and everlasting faith. Amen.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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