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Daily Blessings Issue #052 -- Strength of Heart Meditation
August 18, 2005
Hello Dear Ones,

Strength of Heart Meditation

Allow your body and your consciousness to fully and completely relax. Take whatever time you need to become totally and completely surrendered, relaxed and at peace.

Now visualize a small, bright yellow flame within your heart center, which is located within the center of your chest. It may help to place your hand here and breathe deeply into the heart.

Notice what the flame looks and feels like. does it burn brightly or is it struggling? See with love and compassion, free from judgment.

As you breathe, allow the breath to come up from the base of your spine, entering your heart fully and increasing the strength of the flame in your heart.

With each breath, the flame burns brighter. As you exhale, your body releases any tension, fear or contraction from your heart so that the flame is able to burn brightly.

Your heart is now glowing like the sun with a bright flame that is gently warming your entire body.

Now with your hand placed over your heart, affirm

I am the Light of God
I am the love of God
I am the truth of God

Speak the words, allowing them to resonate within your heart, mind and body. Breathe deeply to receive the words and the vibration fully with your heart and soul.

Feel the strength that comes from experiencing your heart filled with God's Light. Now place both hands over your heart, giving thanks to God for the blessing you have received.

Hold in your intention that the strength of heart you have awakened will continue to grow and reach out to others in the coming weeks and months.

And then when you are complete, slowly take your time returning to full waking consciousness.

Afterwards, drink some pure water and spend some time on the Earth in nature, to allow your body to integrate and assimilate this new vibration.

May all beings be blessed with the strength of God's love. May all beings be at peace. Amen.

Received and shared with gratitude and love,

Mashubi Rochell Copyright 2005

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