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You Opened My Soul

by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

Dear Jessica,
I Wanted To Thank You,
For What You Did,
In That Time That Passed,
So Long Ago,

I've Come A Long Way,
Getting In Touch With My Soul,
And Though You May Not Know It,
You Paved Me The Road,

Awakening The Courage,
To Express My Emotions,
You Gave Me The Key To The Door,
Of The Room I Was Enclosed In,

You Let Me Shine With A Light,
That I Feared I Had To Hide,
Thinking Others Would Watch Me,
With Hatred Filled Eyes,

So I Owe You Atleast,
This One Little Poem,
For On Those Days,
When You Feel All Alone,

You May Think Of Me,
And Have Me Beside You,
With Unconditional Love,
And An Eternity Of Gratitude,

I'm Not Gonna Lie,
There's Gonna Be Times Where You Lose Your Mind,
But In That Darkness,
Is Where You'll Find Your Light,

So Just Smile,
And Let Your Inner Light Shine Bright,
Let It Guide You,
To A Peaceful And Loving LIfe,

In Time,
Your Key Will Also Arrive,
Opening Your Door,
To Explain To You Life,

Thank You Forever,
You Opened My Soul,
And Now My Love,
Eternally Flows.

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