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You Are Not Alone

by Naomi

May Love Be Magnified

May Love Be Magnified

I can sometimes hear

voices blooming like exotic

flowers everywhere,

from cries and tears

raining and falling in the night,

forming salty pools,

around so many

who are

feeling forgotten and alone,

longing hearts,

hoping to hear

a word of love from

somewhere in the world.

Open your hearts

and share the love you guard

and hold inside,

saving it for a time and place

where it might feel safe to

reveal your face.

Good intentions

may not pay the bills,

and science may not heal

the outer symptoms

of pain and fear,

but love comes pouring forth

to help us know we

are not alone.

Our hearts are filled with

a greater wealth.

Our souls guard a sea

of healing light.

Spend the graces freely

and know they multiply with

every gift we give away.

Someone is waiting to hear a prayer

of love falling from our lips.

Sing out your love songs

and know the wings of spirit

will carry them

where they need to go.

I sing mine for you

in this early morning light.

May you feel the embrace

surrounding you

with love.


Comments for You Are Not Alone

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Jul 29, 2008
by: Deb

BEAUTIFUL....oh, so beautiful..thanks!

Aug 08, 2008
by: Anonymous

That was beautifully written. I could almost feel it flowing out of you though I know you not.

Love And Light =)

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