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Workplace Spirituality - Facing the Challenges

by Fiona
(South Wales)

I gave up work to be at home with my children and it was a challenge to get back into the workplace. When my youngest son Oliver was 4 I went back to education to learn computer skills. This culminated in a first class honours degree in business studies.

My husband was the main earner and worked in construction, I had always been his mentor/coach as he had no one else to talk with. This taught me a lot about the industry and also developed my coaching skills.

I ended up working in construction and using my skills and talents I developed a successful team however I was very stressed.

It had a detrimental impact on my family. One day I was feeling very sad I went for a drive in my car and sat in tears asking for help. From this moment my life changed, I had an inner strength I now know archangel Gabriel and Jophiel came to guide me. I set goals to leave the job and achieved them 3 months early.

This was the start of an amazing spiritual journey.

Interestingly I find myself 5 years to the day working with my husband as he is at the sharp end in turning a company around, I am a consultant and work on my terms and believe there are lessons to be learned from working in this industry.

By being me and setting boundaries I can be kind and practice my healing (I am a Reiki practioner) by setting boundaries and being lovingly assertive.

My husband and I are learning together. Somedays I want to run away and not enter the negative environment but when I face up to my responsibilities I actually enjoy it. To see people's faces light up when they connect with my energy is wonderful and to know that I am supporting my husband through a difficult time whilst remaining semi detached.

The articles on this site are an inspiration to me.

We can not hide away from the challenges but learn the lessons.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

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by: karen

I love your article, there are some days I want to crawl under a rock and hide, there are many days I sit and cry, I know it is for the good during this time. I also have the difficulty of trainning teenagers and young people, oh boy!!!!! I thought the challenge I had at work was enough, now there is more. It at times is a great stress, but at the same time a great joy when I can reach these teens and really start to see them open up. I will tell you there are many challenges with this group.I am learning alot about myself! I really love your article! LOL karen

by: Fiona

Thanks Karen for your kind encouragement

I woke up this morning feeling a great sadness and was guided that I would have some support and to listen. Thank you universe for listening. I clicked on the site and found your message. I admire the fact that you are working with young people. This is part of my purpose and in fact all our purpose. Although some people have for the moment temporarly forgot this. At present, I am supporting my two sons through the challenge of education. If ever I want a wise opinion, I seek support from my 16 year old son Oliver.

I have always been an advocate for letting children have a voice and I know that there is a lot of good work happening in this area. This is not always given recognition, as with organsiations there is a culture of looking at the negatives. By working together mircales happen.

I am very blessed to have a wonderful family who give me strength to move forward.

Crying is healing so well done you keep up the excellent work.

Love Fionax

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