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Workplace Spirituality - Bringing Light and Love to my Restaurant Job

by Karen

2 years ago I really needed a job, and I have been a baker and cook all my life with much more jobs at the same time. For me it was very scary because I live in another country and the language is french, I was only speaking english when I came here 18 years ago, Here I worked in the museum, taught children art and was very involved with the elders here, and all of this was done in french,I listened to people speak and I was teaching myself.

Not all people accepted this, even today there are some that have a problem with me because of this, but I will tell you, I work in a restaurant, and I am now the head chief in a very big and busy restaurant and I also work second shift and now have the responsibility of closing and locking it at night. I am not going to say that kind of work is easy because it is not by far, it is fast, hardly any breaks, but I have learned so much about myself during this. I am also training the new kids coming in to work, imagine all in french too!! yes there are some people that can be very hurtful, but it is all about how you feel about yourself.

My job of choice would be one that I could be in nature and around spiritual people with a deeper meaning about what is happening during these times, one day it will come, but for now this is the path I am meant to follow And I have learned that I can put light into every meal that I make, And i will tell you when some of those orders start coming I can tell which one really needs light and love in their life and I can do this, so for now this is okay for me. everything doesn't have to be set in stone, maybe there is something you need to learn or maybe something you need to give someone, you will never know unless you try it, remember nothing is permanent and you always have a choice.

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by: Betty

I commend your spirit! I don't think it is easy, working in a place that may not really be what your "best job" is. I found my "best job" a few years ago, and I had to leave it when we moved. Now, I search for a job, where I can feel as proud as I felt while working there. After 2 years, I have not found it. Some days, I can make it that way, and work in light, some (okay most) days, I don't see the light. Blessings to you. I am proud and respectful, that you have made it work for you.

your time of rest
by: karen

Do not worry, you will find it. Right now what I see is a time of rest for the challenge that will be coming for the job you are supposed to be in during this time. I will tell you it might not be the job you truly want, it just might be the job you are meant to have on this path at this time. Enjoy the rest, when it comes it will take alot of energy! I will keep you in the light, LOL Karen

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