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Comments for WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES..........

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Thank and BLESS you
by: Deb

Thanks, Gloria....tears and peace in my heart....gratefully, with love....

Bless you
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much very beautiful words of encouragement and kindness.

thank you
by: Anonymous

That is beautiful. Thank you


Blessed Words
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for these thoughtful words. My heart is broken and aches every minute of every day. I believed in a love that was not meant to be. I am trying to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart and create a mosaic to reflect back to the world. It is hard and painful...but, I am going to read your poem each day and find the peace and comfort in your blessed words. Thank you so much! God Bless You!

by: Belinda

this poem was more of a confirmation to me as I face the challenges of life...loss job of twenty years...working to bring the manesfestation of God's healing on a back condition..thanks...love that necklace also...can you share where you got it

you are my new door thank you
by: elizabeth

you must have been waiting for me to find you reading when one door closes i've become uplifted and the ache in my stomach has gone as i approach the new door thank you with all my heart and god for bringing us together x

Very Inspiring
by: Anonymous

You are so true, because a lot of time we don't focus on that open door that been open for us we still continue to get frustrated about that close door. As you know and I know when God close one door He will open another door with bigger and better opportunity.

by: Joana

Wow, I'm speechless. And yes, i do feel so much better. Thanks.

by: Daphne

Truly inspirational

by: MzGloria

To all of you THANK YOU...and Belinda I wrote this. I wish each of you Peace Love Light and many Blessings.

a broken heart and soul
by: Anonymous

I sit and read this crying...your words are so true,yet I continue to search for the light and time when the door will open. I am heartbroken everyday.My best friend (a man) for 12 years who stood by me in all my ups and downs and vice versa has betrayed me. I gave all my trust to him. We had intimacy, passion, friendship, trust. It is all gone and I love him and I just don't exist in his eyes. I feel so violated, lonely, confused, the list is long. I am trying so hard to trust in God that he knows what I need and pray everyday that he will lead me there. I just wish that this man would see what he has done to our relationship and to my soul.

Thank you for the your beautiful post...

by: smbumdie

This is more than just beautiful, it is all that I needed to say to my sons, daughters, grands, husband and the rest of my love ones. Most of the time people don't read into happiness because they want a quick fix, but this is a comforting fix. God is trulllllly using you, I will forward this to all of those I feel will read message "when one door closes" in hopes others will forward this also. "The Harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few" I pray that your writings will be blessed by all that take the time to read it. I appreciate you

by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this. I shall keep this as a constant reminder for better things to come.

Attending to God
by: D

Dear Gloria,
Thank you so much for this deeply felt and encouraging post. Your words even warm my heart which, sadly, has been mired in the dissapoinment of doors closing. I have felt what you write: that hanging on, sometimes especially when it is most difficult, just precedes an opening or a change, but my heart is heavy with the weight of ongoing opposition.

Still, I write because the love of your post persists and assist me in the love that keeps me attending to God, to love, one more day, one more moment. Thank you, Gloria.


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